Who We Are:

As a rapidly growing organization employing over 10 people, Power Your Finance provides a fast paced, intense, meritocratic work environment with a focus on continuous growth, learning and development. 

Everyone needs a job to make ends meet, which is why we find a lot of people joining organizations and doing jobs they do not enjoy. They force themselves to do work that they either are not good at or have no interest in. In the process they burn themselves and harm the organization.

As an organization Power Your Finance is at the threshold of great success. We have been growing at break neck pace and expect this trend to continue for a long time. Therefore we are looking for people who are keen on building an organization. We are not interested in people that just want a job. We are looking for people that can help this organization grow. We are looking for people that can own their respective roles/departments and take full responsibility for its performance.

We are looking for people who have the fire in their belly and the ambition to see an organization go from being a start up to being a multinational company. Someone who, unlike others, treats a "problem" as a "challenge" and see's it through to success.

In short we are looking for winners who are in it for the long term.

Today Power Your Finance offers challenging assignments and career opportunities to Software engineers, MBAs, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered accountant,  Programmers, as well as young Marketing professionals etc.

Please post us with your resume so that as and when we find a fitting opportunity, we will contact you. 

Email your resume at career@poweryourfinance.com